3 month update!

My little Harper-Doodle is 3 months old!! Can you believe it!? 



She is such a happy baby and the last month has brought us so much joy! 


Can you believe how much she has grown since she was born!? The picture on the left is the day we brought her home from the hospital! 




She still loves to snuggle.


And make silly faces!





She is sleeping in her crib now, which made me super sad! 


We got her a playmat which she loves! 

She loves to talk to the things that hang down and she kicks and bats at them too! 




We started swim lessons this month and Harper LOVES them! 038


She doesn’t love floating on her back… but really… who does!? 



She loves hanging out with her daddy. 


And she loves being worn by mommy!



She is showing a preference to certain toys (particularly a pink cat and a stuffed block I got at Target). She is trying to grasp things and she is rolling over from front to back already! I think she just hates tummy time so much that she figured out how to roll over just so she can get out of tummy time. 🙂






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