“H” is for Harper

Since Harper arrived before I finished her nursery completely, I have been totally slacking on it. Who wants to decorate when there is an adorable baby to snuggle!? I knew I had to finish it eventually though, so I finally finished the decorations for above Harper’s crib.

The best part about this project is that I pretty much used things I already had with the exception of the wooden “H” and swirly thing, and the pink flower.



I had the craft paint, the big blank canvas and the smaller canvases were black and white decorations that I painted over to repurpose.

I had two of these pictures from years ago. They no longer match my decor so I re-purposed them.

018 (6)

I painted them both white first to cover the black design.

017 (6)

For one of them, I used mod podge to cover it in fabric that I had left over from some of my sewing projects. The other one, I painted grey and glued on the fun swirly wooden thing I found at the craft store.

Then I took the larger canvas, painted it with white and pink stripes and glued the big “H” to the center. I painted the “H” grey for contrast and glued the pink flower for an added girly-ness. 🙂


I love the finished product! What do you think?





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