Welcome Harper LeeAnn!!

As many of you know, the reason I’ve been away for the so long is because I was busy pushing out a baby!!

My sweet child was born at 12:11am on April 6, 2014. She was 6lbs, 7oz and 20 in long. She is in perfect health.

Here is the story of her birth. It’s not too gory but feel free to skip this post if you don’t want to know details!

I had thought I was in labor the week before. I remember I texted my two cousins and asked what contractions felt like. My belly kept getting hard but I couldn’t really distinguish a start and stop to the contractions. They both said, “you will know.” That frustrated me because I didn’t know!! I was convinced I would not realize it and would end up running into the hospital at 9 cm, too late for an epidural.

So the week before I had her, we found ourselves in the hospital. I was having contractions every 7 minutes according to the machine, but I wasn’t progressing, so they sent me home.

I can tell you now… Those were NOT contractions. Those were tickles. They were little belly “hugs”… They were NOT true contractions. My cousins were right. You will know.

Saturday (4/5) morning I work up at 4:30am with contractions. Real ones. Honest to god, painful, “I’m going into labor NOW” contractions. (If only I knew… These were still NOTHING compared to what I would feel later that day). I could still talk through them so I hopped in the shower, and started to throw a few last minute things in the bag.

Around 6am I woke up my husband and told him, “we are having a baby today!” He was a tad skeptical since I had woken him up with these words a few times prior. I can’t say I blame him. I told him he needed to get in the shower and take me to the hospital. While he was showering they started to get worse. I was timing them at this point and they were 5-6 min apart and lasting about 30-45 seconds. I gently (read: screaming) advised him to hurry.

We live 5 minutes from the hospital, but it felt like 30 minutes. Having contractions in the car was the worst. The most comfortable way for me to get through the contractions was to stand and sway my hips… Which is sorta hard to do in the car. I made him take turns at no more than 2 miles per hour and he was getting a little frustrated. I think he still wasn’t convinced this was the real deal.

In triage, they examined me and I was dilated to 1.5 (boo!). They monitored me for a few hours and my contractions were 5 minutes apart lasting for 45-60 seconds. I was in terrible pain and had the stand the entire time. I was sent home at 9am because I still hadn’t dilated past 1.5. They told me to come back when it gets worse.

When it gets worse?! I was ready for my epidural! They tell you to come in when your contracting every 5 min, 1 min long, for an hour… I had been doing that for 3 hours! So… When was I supposed to come back?!

Frustrated and in pain we left. When we got home I took another shower, (I think I ended up taking 4 or 5 showers that day, because I found the water very soothing during contractions). My mom came over and helped me time my contractions. At this point they were 2-3 minutes apart, lasting anywhere from 1min to 1.5 min long. I was in agony. My hips were burning (apparently they were trying to separate to make room!), I was very nauseas, and I couldn’t speak through contractions.

Finally, At 12:30 I went to the bathroom and realized I was bleeding. My mom called for my husband to get the car started (he still was not convinced they would admit us) and she stayed behind to lock up the house. The second ride to the hospital was sooooo much worse! What moron decided to put speed bumps in the labor and delivery parking lot at the hospital?!? Come on people!!

This time, triage got me in right away and checked me again. This time I was at 2.5 cm and they admitted me at 1:30pm! Yahoo!!! I asked when I could have my epidural. πŸ™‚ They got me taken back to the labor and delivery room quickly and as soon as I had the IV, the anesthesiologist came into my room. The epidural hurt because he went in a little sideways at first and I had to sit hunched over and hold perfectly still during contractions. It started to kick in after about 15 minutes. At that point my mom, dad and aunt had arrived and came in to see us.

Leon slept a lot (*#%!$&) while I lay there on a foam peanut. The peanut is Supposed to help the baby descend and my hips open up.


Once I had the epidural it all went very fast! They inserted a catheter and kept pumping me with IV fluids. My doctor was on vacation so another doctor came to check on me around 4:30. She broke my water and I was at 6cm already!! She broke my heart when she said, “It looks like a tight fit. How big is your baby?” I told her they estimated 8lbs 6oz and she told me to prepare for the possibility of a c-section. πŸ˜ͺ I really wanted to deliver vaginally so I was very bummed. They said they would let me try to push before making a decision.

At 7pm they checked me again and I was at 7cm. They gave me pitocin to jump start the contractions because they slowed down once my water broke. My hubby went and got food and I tried to rest.

Around 10:00 I was at 9.5 cm and was told that it would be soon! I started to feel the contractions again and told the nurse. The anesthesiologist came in and told me that they can’t make me 100% comfortable. I insisted that the epidural wasn’t working anymore. The pain got consistently worse. They did a cold test to see what I could feel and I was able to convince them that my epidural truly wasn’t working. They gave me the option to just deal with it (what?!) or try to remove it and replace it. Replace it?! At 9.5 cm?! That means I had to sit still through transition while he removed and replaced the epidural. Aw man. Since the chance for a c-section was still there I figured I might as well just replace it now since he’d have to do it later if we went that route.

Oh man- I cannot begin to explain the pain I was in when he replaced the epidural. I couldn’t speak. I could hardly breathe. I had to hold on to the nurse to get through it. My hubby watched (and later told me the needle was “this long!”).

Shortly after the epidural was replaced I felt the urge to push. Who am I kidding, let me be honest. I felt like I had to poo… Really really bad. Like the biggest poo of my life. Yeah. I went there.

I told the nurse and she checked me. 10cm!! It was go time! My dad and aunt left the room and my mom and hubs stayed to help. I started pushing around 11:15 and apparently was very proficient, because the nurse left the room around 11:40 to call the doctor. I was frantic that the doctor wasn’t there yet and kept asking “Where is the doctor?!” My hubs and mom and the nurse kept saying, “She is on her way!” At one point they said it in unison and I looked at my hubs and said, “If you say that one more time I’ll kick you in the face!”

The nurse, at one point, told me to stop pushing, because the doctor wasn’t there yet and she was crowning. Leon saw her head! Uhm… Stop pushing?! It’s kinda out of my control at this point. I was a tad freaked out and probably asked another hundred time where the doctor was. I even told the nurse to find another freakin doctor because this baby was coming out!!! Apparently the nurse told my mom and Leon that the doctor didn’t answer her phone the first time she called. They tried her again, and apparently reached her.

The doctor finally rushed in, got her gown on, counted her instruments, turned towards me and says, “oh! Push!” I was already pushing and it’s a good thing she arrived when she did because Harper was born during that first contraction after she arrived. Yeah… we thought Leon was going to have to catch her! (So much for a c-section!!) the doctor actually told me she didn’t think I’d be able to push her out. Ha!





My beautiful baby!! I’m so madly in love with her, I cannot even describe it.

I know this was a long post, but I wrote it for me just as much as I did for you. So I can look back and remember every minute, every second, of the best day of my life. I look at her and can’t believe we made her! I kept her warm and safe while she grew and then I delivered her, healthy, alert and beautiful. We brought a beautiful little girl into this world and it was magical!

If you’re keeping track, she was born at 39 weeks 4 days.

My love. πŸ™‚


One thought on “Welcome Harper LeeAnn!!

  1. Mom says:

    Yes she is perfect in every way!! We love you Harper LeeAnn Perdue!!

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