I made another nursing cover for myself because I wasn’t in love with the one I made a few months ago. I attached the straps too far from the boning and it kinda fell over, revealing more than intended. I’ll still use it but I wanted to make another one.

It went much faster this time, since I have this whole sewing thing down to a science. I cut the large rectangle and the two straps as seen below. I used the tutorial from Pretty Prudent.


I sewed the straps and the outside of the rectangle. Then I put the boning in and attached the straps. It turned out great!


I also made another boppy cover. I got a boppy cover as a gift and I love it. But I decided I wanted a second one, just in case this one gets dirty/spit up on. That way I can always have one in the wash and one on the pillow (if needed).

As you all know, I’ve sewed everything in the nursery so I didn’t think much of sewing this. Turns out it was the hardest thing I’ve made! The tricky part was the hidden zipper. I did it wrong, but now I know for next time!

I used the boppy pillow I received as a stencil to cut out the fabric.


I put the two pretty sides towards each other and measured out where the zipper should go.


I sewed the zipper in, and here is where I messed up. I should have sewed the zipper through both the seam and the outside of the boppy cover, but I only sewed it into the seam.


You can see the zipper here but its not really “hidden.”


Finished product is a little big but it works!


What do you think?

Nursing cover and boppy cover


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