Preparations for Harper’s arrival!

The nursery is coming along quite well!

Leon hung up the curtain rod for me and the room looks so much more put together. I still need to hem the curtains and rearrange some things in there but it’s really starting to come together!


Leon started putting the changing table back together but we are paused on that because we lost one of the cam locks that hold it together. I don’t think it’s a structural issue but we are ordering a replacement on just in case.


I have finished washing, drying and organizing the clothes I got from Amy. Leon and I went to Ikea last week and picked up some drawer and closet organizing things. And I started working on the clothes separators for the closet. My dad is cutting the vinyl for the words for me.

I bought the circles on ebay for $8 for 20 of them.

I traced them on a piece of cardboard and cut the card board out to create a template.


Then I traced the template on scrapbook paper (I already had this!) and cut them out.


Then I used mod podge to stick the paper to the circles and cover the random numbers.



Once I get the letters from dad, I’ll post the final product. 🙂

These were super easy to make. They go for $14 on Etsy which isn’t a bad deal. But mine were easy to make, and almost half the price! Plus, I only used 6 dividers and I bought 20 so I could make another 2 sets if I wanted to!

Also, this week, I made my packing list for the hospital. I also went out and bought much of the things on my list so I’d have them on hand. I got some nursing cami’s, comfy pants and shorts, a super soft robe, some cotton undies, and various hygiene products that I wont need in the hospital but will need once I get home!

My list is pretty long but my dear friend Malia helped me shorten it to a more realistic length.

I plan to start actually packing either later tonight or tomorrow evening.

One last thing I did this weekend was make my nurses gifts. I wanted to put something together for the nurses that I will encounter in Labor and Delivery.

Here is everything I included – I shopped mostly at Target and the Dollar store.

Cheddar/ Peanut butter crackers, tissues, hand sanitizer, gum, jolly ranchers, chicklet candies, colorful pen, post-it notes, chapstick, crystal light packet, lifesavers, Hersheys chocolate, and “It’s a girl” mints.







I hope the nurses like them!! 🙂

Leon put together the swing and bouncer today as well!








Everything is coming along quite well! 🙂 I can’t wait until the next weekend so I can get even more done!




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