34 weeks!



How far along? 34 weeks 4 days

Total weight gain/loss: I’m up like 34 pounds :-(  I feel ginormous and I keep gaining weight. Weighed myself today and lost 1 pound since last week.

Maternity clothes? Definitely. Pretty much all maternity clothes now.

Sleep? I wish. I can’t believe how frequently I wake up every night to pee! Been having heartburn too.

Stretch marks? Man … I’ve been bragging about no stretch marks this whole time and I swear like 7 of them popped up overnight!! All below my belly button. (Convenient since I can’t see them!) 😉

Best moment this week: My baby shower was yesterday!! It was SO fun! It went by WAY to fast but I had a blast. It was so nice to hang out and chat with all my favorite ladies. Leon and Harper and I got tons of awesome goodies and we feel so loved.

Miss Anything? Coffee. Bladder control – I cough, I pee. I sneeze, I pee. I laugh, I pee.

Movement: Yes! She is very active. I never have to count kicks because I always feel her moving around in there!

Food Cravings: Chocolate. salty stuff.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Raw meat still bugs me. I can’t prepare meat based foods at home.

Gender: It’s a Girl!

Pregnancy Symptoms: Swelling, Carpal Tunnel, heartburn… and some others I’d rather not talk about! The carpal tunnel is getting worse every day. My back has started hurting more. My muscles have gotten sore, especially my groin muscles and my leg muscles. All of that is still true… no new ones but the carpal tunnel and swelling in general continue to get worse. Check out these feet! 😦 When will I get my ankles back!? They packed up and scurried away a week or so ago.


Labor Signs: Nothing new! I’m very scared of pre-term labor and want her to keep cooking as long as possible!!

Wedding rings on or off? Off –way too swollen! Watch is off now too.

Happy or Moody most of the time: I’ve been happy! Getting stressed because there is still so much to do!

Looking forward to: starting on some of the last minute decorating of the nursery


Here is my To Do list so far… I’ve marked off what I already completed.


Pick out nursery colors

Make crib coverlet

Make crib sheets

make curtains

make changing table cover

make diaper stacker

make another nursing cover

figure out how to paint stripes on a textured wall

paint nursery

pick out a crib

pick out stroller/car seat

stain rocker

strip and sand dresser

order breast pump

make baby carrier with Jenna

Make nursing necklace

get drawer and closet organizers (ikea)

stock up on post partum stuff

pack hospital bag

figure out day care

purchase remaining items on registry

thank you cards

wash, fold, and organize baby clothes

make list of paperwork for when baby arrives

baby proof the house

Make car organizer

Make a mobile

make clothes separators for the closet

Make carseat canopy

make boppy cover

make bumper pads


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