Hubby @ work!

You may be wondering what L has been up to while I’ve been DIY’ing the nursery.

He has worked long and hard and has finished making and installing sun screens on all the windows in our house!!

I’m SOOOOO happy with how they turned out. First of all, they block 80-90% of the light from the sun. This also means our electric bill stays lower in the summers. The screens screw into the window frames which make them hard for the kitties to push out.

Here is a picture of the screens in the front:


When he finished the screens, he hung the blinds in the nursery and started helping with the furniture. As you all know, I’ve been benched on the heavy working, so my amazing hubby has taken over my duties.


He figured out how to take the entire changing table apart which made the sanding go MUCH quicker.

I finished the last coat of poly on the dresser and Leon brought it inside for me.




I LOVE how it turned out. I still need to pick out the knobs and put them on. But doesn’t it look lovely?!

It matches the crib perfectly. The rocker is almost done as well.

I cannot wait until the changing table is done because then I can start figuring out how to rearrange the room. 🙂

More on this next week! I need to rest!



Sarah and Harper






One thought on “Hubby @ work!

  1. Lisa says:

    Lovin all the progress! Leon is such a handy guy! Thanks for keeping us all in the loop! 😍

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