32 Weeks!


I’m 32 weeks already! Actually because this weekend was so busy, I am a few days late posting this and will officially be 33weeks tomorrow. But I took the picture above on 2/13 (5 days ago) so it counts as week 32! 🙂

This last weekend kicked my butt. Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and worked on the furniture. I went to Michaels to get supplies for the mobile. Then I went to my cousin’s baby shower! It was so much fun!

Sunday, we woke up early again, worked for a little while outside and then we ran some errands. We have been wanting a new mattress for a while now. Mainly because I wanted a King size bed (instead of the Queen that we have). There was nothing wrong with our mattress it was very comfy and still relatively new. It was just so small.

So we went mattress shopping, figuring there would be good deals for President’s Day weekend.

We went to a few different places (let me tell you- getting in and out of bed while 8 months pregnant is NOT an easy feat.) We found a nice one at Mattress Firm but it was a little more than we wanted to pay. Then someone suggested this place called R&S Mattress. We checked it out – its a liquidator so they don’t have a huge selection but their prices seemed reasonable. We found one we liked and purchased it. We went home, took apart the old bed frame, loaded up the old mattress into my dad’s truck, and dad helped Leon bring the King size mattress into our room and set it up. That night we realized the mattress we brought home was NOT the one that we laid on in the store. It was so uncomfortable, I didn’t sleep at ALL. So the next day (Monday) we went back to the store to see if we could exchange it. Unfortunately they didn’t have anything in stock that we liked and couldn’t even order anything. It was a major bummer. We begged and begged and finally after a few tears and a threat to write a review on Yelp, they gave us a refund. We promptly drove to Mattress Firm and  ordered the one we liked there. It is a pillow top (versus the one from R&S which was latex). The one at Mattress Firm is a tad more expensive but SO MUCH  NICER.

The only downside … The new bed wont be delivered until Friday night!!! Soooo… we are without a bed until Friday night. I’m sleeping on the couch and Leon is sleeping in his recliner. It’s not that bad, really. Our couch is pretty comfy. I slept better on the couch than I did on the yucky mattress… but still… I’m pregnant, uncomfortable, tired, and grumpy.

I’m honestly just glad to have the whole thing behind us. I would NOT recommend R&S Mattress. Their return policy sucks.

ANY who… It was an exhausting weekend.

I can’t believe how fast time flies.

How far along? 32 weeks, 6 days.(32 weeks 1 day in the picture above)

Total weight gain/loss: I gained a bunch of weight since my last appointment. I gained another 6 pounds in the last 2 weeks so that’s  a total of about 27 pounds. My doctor thinks it’s water weight because I’m UBER swollen.

Maternity clothes? Definitely. I can still wear some non-maternity tops if they are stretchy.

Sleep? I wish. Sleep is harder and harder to come by. I can’t believe how frequently I wake up every night to pee!

Stretch marks? Still none!  Belly button is still shallow!

Best moment this week: Definitely getting the crib!! Also – finishing the dresser.

Miss Anything? Coffee. Bladder control.

Movement: Yes! You can see my belly move. She is developing definite sleep and awake patterns.

Food Cravings: Chocolate peanut butter ice cream, chocolate, salty and sweet foods.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Raw hamburger or chicken & any pungent or strong smell really bugs me.

Gender: It’s a Girl!

Pregnancy Symptoms: Swelling, Carpal Tunnel, heartburn… and some others I’d rather not talk about! The carpal tunnel is getting worse every day. My back has started hurting more.

Labor Signs: Nada

Wedding rings on or off? Off –way too swollen! 

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!  I’ve been really good this whole pregnancy but had some major mood swings today- Grumpy and weepy.  Man those pregnancy hormones are killer.

Looking forward to: My shower in a few weeks and meeting my little munchkin.


Here is my To Do list so far… I’ve marked off what I already completed.


Pick out nursery colors

Make crib coverlet

Make crib sheets

make curtains

make changing table cover

make diaper stacker

make another nursing cover

figure out how to paint stripes on a textured wall

paint nursery

pick out a crib

pick out stroller/car seat

stain rocker

strip and sand dresser

order breast pump

make baby carrier with Jenna

Make nursing necklace

get drawer and closet organizers (ikea)

stock up on post partum stuff

pack hospital bag

figure out day care

purchase remaining items on registry

thank you cards

wash, fold, and organize baby clothes

make list of paperwork for when baby arrives

baby proof the house

Make car organizer

Make a mobile

make clothes separators for the closet

Make carseat canopy

make boppy cover

make bumper pads


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