Painting the Nursery!

I showed you all my inspiration for the nursery a few posts ago. Part of that inspiration was the wall paint. They did two solid grey walls and 2 striped walls. I love the dimension and interest it added to the room so I decided I would do the same thing. I love painting and figured I could just do it myself. Leon would not allow me to paint unless we got the low odor, no VOC paint and I had to wear my mask.

Have I shown you the mask yet? Leon bought it for me before Christmas because I was doing a craft that involved spray shellac. He read the bottle and it said “Known by the State of California to cause birth defects” and he took the can away from me, literally ran out the door to Home Depot, and came back with the mask. I think Californians are a little over cautious but of course, I will oblige.

Here is my mask:


See how happy I am?

Now, I have to wear this thing (I call it my Darth Malgus mask) anytime I do anything with fumes or a hippy warning from California. Why do I call it my “Darth Malgus Mask” you ask? This is Darth Malgus.

The things we do to keep our children safe.

Anyway – I decided to paint the nursery. So, equipped with my mask and 2 gallons of paint, I went at it.

Here are a few before pictures. Those of you who helped us move, you may recall “Bedroom #2”. It looked like this a few months ago:


Now it looks like this:




First things first – Prep work. This is always the longest, most agonizing part of any project.

I taped off the ceiling & trim and then  laid plastic on the ground.



Next, I painted the two striped walls white (because my stripes are white and grey).



Then I painted the two grey walls grey. Easy enough, right?




The next step is the tricky part. Anyone else have textured walls? Have you tried to paint a straight line of the textured walls? If you have you know it never works. Never. I don’t care if you use the most expensive painters tape, the paint always bleeds and looks like a toddler did it.

Enter Pinterest.


I wanted 12inch wide stripes, so I started by measuring the stripes and making marks periodically on the wall. One line at a time. Then I taped the lines off using ONE SOLID piece of painters tape. (The cheap Home Depot brand is just fine.)

Continue measuring until the entire wall is measured and marked. I put little pieces of tape on my “white” stripes to remind myself not to paint them grey!




Here is where the SECRET comes in. I took my white paint and painted against the tape where my grey stripe was going to go. This way, the white paint sealed the cracks and bled into the other white stripe. You don’t need to paint the entire grey striped area white, just along the tape. Be generous with the paint but don’t let it drip.



I let the white dry and then painted the grey in that area. I peeled the tape off before the grey was dry – about 15 minutes after I painted it.




Check out this straight line!! PERFECTION!


I’m SO proud and happy with how the nursery paint turned out. It’s a little darker grey than I originally wanted but I love it. The white stripes lighten it up and once I get all the pink stuff in there it will be magical. 😀


One thought on “Painting the Nursery!

  1. Lisa says:

    Awesomely awesome! Lot of hard work going on. 🎨👍😍

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