Crib sheet, crib skirt and crib coverlet

This weekend I’ve been so busy!! My poor sewing machine is a champ though, let me tell you! She’s been worked to the bone and she’s still awesome! I got a lot of my nursery project done over the past week or so.

First thing I did was a crib sheet. This was SO easy. Insanely easy. Took me less than 30 minutes, easy. I used this tutorial over at Pretty Prudent.

Note: I’ve scoured blogs, pinterest, and everywhere in between for the best, easiest to understand tutorials for sewing. Some sewing tutorials are hard to follow, some are poorly written, some just make it look way too hard. Pretty Prudent has the BEST tutorials out there. I just go to her blog and search for what I’m making now because she is awesome. So – If you ever want to try sewing something, check out her blog and I promise you wont be disappointed!


Here is my crib sheet. All you do is sew in a few straight lines and attaching elastic to the corners. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I’m going to make more but I want to wait until we buy the crib mattress so I can make sure it fits right. For the record, I found hot pink sheets online…. they cost $18.99 at Target. Super cute, plain hot pink. My fabric cost $4/yard and I used 2 yards. $8 total for a savings of $11. And I got the satisfaction of doing it myself! How cool is that?!

Don’t get me wrong, I will still end up buying a few crib sheets at the store as well. (I hear babies poop and spit up a lot). 😉

Moving on to my next project, the crib coverlet. I did not have a tutorial for this one which made it take infinitely longer than it needed to. But I did get my inspiration from this site. I love how it has a patterned print on the inside, lined with a solid color and backed in minky. So that is what I was going for here.

I didn’t take “in-progress” shots, mainly because I was too busy battling my cats to stay off the fabric while I was trying to measure, cute and pin it. I don’t care if they lay on it, but they were pouncing on it and I had pins in it. I was scared they would poke themselves. Which… I guess may be a lesson learned. Either way… here is the finished product. I’m SO happy with it. I used one layer of batting to make it fluffy too.



It is SO soft and cuddly I love it!

Next, I made the crib skirt. This was also very easy. A little more time consuming than the crib sheet but less so than the coverlet. It was very simple though… straight lines and such. Just… a lot of straight lines. 🙂

I used this tutorial, which, admittedly is not from Pretty Prudent but I liked the modern look to it. Since I used chevron fabric, I didn’t want to make it ruffle-y because I think that would have been too much.

Hard to tell in the picture, but once we buy the crib and get it set up, you’ll be able to see it better.


For the skirt, I used a white muslin (same as the backing on my curtains) for the “deck” (the part that sits under the mattress that you will never see).

I’m very happy with how the skirt turned out. It is very simple, cute and will look great.

Next sewing projects will be the changing pad cover and the diaper stacker. I also want to make a boppy cover and a few of those floor poof balls. I think they just look so cozy. More to come!!

I do plan on starting to paint the nursery this weekend. I’m doing stripes so I anticipate spending all weekend prepping and that is fine too. 🙂 I’ll take some “in-progress” pictures of the painting. (Or have L do that!)

Love and hugs,

Sarah and Mordred


One thought on “Crib sheet, crib skirt and crib coverlet

  1. Lisa says:

    So pretty! Can’t wait to see everything when nursery is done! You go little Mama!

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