Nursery Theme

We finally picked the nursery theme. I’m going with modern-ish hot pink, dark grey and white.

I found this on pinterest and am using it as my inspiration.



The website I linked above explains where she bought everything, but it was a pricey breakdown.

Custom Curtains – $90

I found a similar lamp @ lamps plus – $150

sheet- $24

crib skirt- $125

polka dot blanket – $35

changing pad cover- $24

That’s a total of $448 and that doesn’t include a crib comforter, diaper hanger, or bumpers!

Weeellll… you all know me by now and I’m not going to buy something that I can make for cheaper!

Queue dramatic music.

Before you say it: No, I’m not crazy. I just enjoy the thrill of a new project. And I love the satisfaction of making something from nothing. So that being said -I’m making all of it. Yes. all of it. I’m making curtains, sheets, a crib skirt, a blanket, a crib comforter, a changing pad cover, a diaper stacker, bumpers… I also have a carrier and nursing necklace on my list.

I searched high and low for the perfect fabric and found it at Hobby Lobby and JoAnns. Hobby Lobby had everything except the grey so I had to go to JoAnns for that. For the record, I spent less than $130 on fabric (a savings of $318)!! Here is my fabric:






I already finished the curtains. I did 2 panels in the pink chevron and used grey to make rings to hang them by.



Chewie helped me make them. And by helped… well…. you know what I mean.



She is SUCH a good helper.

The curtains are really easy. I just cut them in the length I wanted, folded and ironed the edges twice, and then cut the liner (I used white muslin) and slipped it into the folded edges. I pinned them and then sewed all three edges, leaving the bottom open so I could hang them, and hem them to the perfect length.

Then I created the loops to hang them by. I cut strips of grey fabric and sewed them into a tube shape, turned them inside out, ironed them and then attached them to the tops of the curtains.




voila! Curtains! So easy! I will hang them after we paint the nursery and install the blinds. 🙂

Next project will be the crib coverlet (comforter) I think. Or the diaper stacker. I haven’t decided yet.

BTW! If you’re in the market for a nice, mobile sewing machine I LOVE mine. It’s a Brother. And it is SO easy to use and has lots of stitch options, including a button holer.

I can’t wait to get to work on the rest of the nursery gear and paint the walls. It’s starting to come together! 🙂

Lots of love,

Sarah and Mordred




2 thoughts on “Nursery Theme

  1. Chris Mihalka says:

    Sarah, Love the colors and the patterns for the nursery! It will be really cute when you are done!

  2. Lisa Cousins says:

    I would expect nothing less! Love it, and love you! Even though you are putting some poor seamstress out of work…. 😉

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