DIY Hooter Hiders

I plan on nursing Mordred (If I’m able) so I wanted to get a nursing cover so I can do so in public without baring it all.

Yeah… I know there are some women out there who breast feed in public without a cover-up. And I get it they show more skin on MTV than a breast feeding mother does. But I’m not one of those women.

You can buy a hooter hider on like this one for about $30 depending on the fabric and such.

But… you all know me… I’m not going to spend$30 (plus shipping!) on something I can make myself!

:: evil crafting laugh ::

I brought out my sewing machine and I got to work.

My cousin and my other cousin’s wife are both pregnant right now as well so I made them both one as well.

I found an easy tutorial online at Prudent Baby. I looked around for different tutorials and hers was by far the best and easiest to follow.

They were super easy and fast and they turned out great.

The middle one is the fabric I used for mine. πŸ™‚




Whatcha think?!

I love them and want to make at least one more for myself.

Maybe I will start selling them on etsy…. πŸ™‚


One thought on “DIY Hooter Hiders

  1. Lisa says:

    Sooo cute! You are such a busy girl! I am glad you feel wonderful and can enjoy your pregnancy! I loved being preggers. 😍

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