I love the holidays!

I cannot believe how fast my pregnancy is flying by.

I’m 21 weeks now.

Here is a photo of me at 20 weeks:



And here I am at 21 weeks. This was Thanksgiving Day!



As per tradition, on Black Friday,

my mom, Aunt Chris, Amy, Jenny, Jane, Aunt Lisa, Cheryl, Jen, Molly and Sharon,  

all go out to eat and go shopping.

This year Molly and Sharon couldn’t make it. We definitely missed them.

We did have a blast and I stayed up until past midnight, which is WAY later than normal!

We went to Brio, as always, and walked around the mall.

Bath and Body Works had a killer deal, so did Crazy 8 – which is this adorable little kid store.

Yeah.. my first year looking at baby clothes. 🙂 There are SO many cute clothes for girls!!!!!!

Old Navy had everything 50% off so I got a few sweaters for myself. 😉

At bath and body works, this very nice woman working there commented on my belly.

She said, “Oh you’re just glowing! When are you due? December?”

I smiled and corrected her. She felt badly but I thought it was hilarious.

December?! I guess I AM getting a little bigger.

Today I put up our Christmas tree and decorations and convinced Leon to put up our outside lights.


Aren’t they gorgeous!? You can even see a sneak peak of our tree.

Putting up our tree is always an adventure since we have cats. 🙂

I moved around the furniture in the front room to make room for the tree in front of the window.


I put ONE branch up… and Chewie was already interested.


She climbs up higher and higher as I put more branches up.


And higher…


I finally got the lights up and the ornaments on. Last year, Chewie climbed the tree too and I was too nervous to put up ornaments.

Since the tree stayed standing last year, I’m going to trust her this year.


I also wrapped a few gifts as you can see. 🙂 I had a productive day!

Here are a few other shots of areas around our house. I LOVE having lights up in the house because they create this

glow that feels very warm and cozy to me. It really makes me very happy.



Yes… that is Star Trek on the TV. My husband is a nerd. What can I say?!


With the lights low it’s soooo pretty in here. ❤

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, or Happy Festivus to you!

Whatever you celebrate, take the time to slow down and live in the moment. The holidays can become so hectic,

but keep in mind… these are moments and memories you are making.

Cherish the time with your loved ones.


With lots of love and holiday cheer,

Sarah and Mordred

Oh! I haven’t told you yet, have I!? Well… when I was growing inside my mom, before they choose a name for me,

they called me “Otis Dexter”.

Well… since we found out we were expecting, Leon and I have been calling our sweet baby “Mordred” from the Stephen King Dark Tower series. Mordred is the evil spider demon baby that Susannah gives birth to.

😀 We are both very big Stephen King fans. In fact, if you attended our wedding, we used a line from the Dark Tower as our “blessing”.

“May your days be long and your nights pleasant.”





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