Baby Perdue

Hello all!! I’m sorry I haven’t been on here in a month or so. 

We are getting so excited about Baby Perdue. I’m 19 weeks now and we found out the exciting news last week….

Baby P is a GIRL! 

We had the ultrasound at Valley Perinatal in Mesa and we were impressed with the setup. It was very comfortable, relaxing and the ultrasound tech was super friendly. She explained what everything was and showed us some pretty awesome shots of out baby doll. We got to see her punching me (Rocky style) and rubbing her eyes. She was also playing with the umbilical cord and grabbing at her feet. 




Here are a few week – by – week pictures of me: 

7 weeks (no bump)


9 weeks


14 weeks


16 weeks


17.5 weeks


19 weeks



I’m definitely showing now! I even have strangers comment that I’m pregnant. I love it! 🙂 

We announced the gender to our family at Gilbert Pizza. 

I made confetti poppers using wrapping paper rolls and tissue paper. 

I cut the up and rolled them in pink and blue tissue paper: 


I cut up streamers in pink and white to stuff them with:


And then I tied the ends with curling ribbon



Our family held them and twisted and the confetti came out. 

I got my mom and dad’s reaction on video and it was pretty awesome. If I can figure out how to post video on here i will, but here is a still shot:



Can you tell my mom is stoked about it being a girl!? 


That’s all for now, I need to go eat dinner and go to bed early because we have an early day tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have time to come back and post more tomorrow…. I have some things to show you!! 


Till next time…. xoxox


One thought on “Baby Perdue

  1. Lisa says:

    That is really a great ultrasound picture! She IS a Baby “Pea”!! 👶 Not unlike her mommy “Otis”.

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