How to get notifications when I post…

Hey friends and family. I’ve had a few of you ask me how you can get notified when I post to the blog. There are a few ways. When you’re on the computer, on the bottom right side of the page should me a button you can click to follow me. You can enter an email address and the WordPress site will email you each time I update. I haven’t tested this out.

Or you can sign up for a blog reader like Bloglovin. Bloglovin is my personal favorite. You can download the app on your smartphone or tablet or just sign up for an account on a computer.

Once you create an account, go to the search bar and enter my blog URL:

Hit enter. My blog will come up, click following and that’s it! You will get an email when I post something. If I post more than once a day, you will only get one email, so it won’t flood your inbox.

Hope this helps!!



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