13 weeks!

I’m just 3 short days away from the 2nd trimester and I’m feeling so much better already!! I have more energy and the nausea has subsided for the most part.

I’ve noticed a few random pregnancy side effects. They are the lesser known but equally puzzling ones.

  • Bizarre, wacky and completely inexplicable dreams. I have read that this is normal. Something about the hormones. Whatever the cause… woah! I dreamt that I was swimming in the pool at my parent’s house and there were giant black scorpions swimming around in the water with me. A different night I had a dream that I was grocery shopping when the store was robbed by armed gunman who held everyone hostage… but I was smart enough to hide in one of the lower shelves behind cans of spaghetti sauce. (?!?!?) I texted everyone I knew to call 911 but no one believed me. The gunmen somehow knew I was hiding and were searching for me like a morbid game of hide and seek. I’ve had dreams of my husband doing various terrible things (beating me, leaving me, and forcing me to sleep on the couch.) Of course after these, I wake up and slap him. ūüėČ Man… the dreams are crazy! I’m telling you… when I used to take Tylenol PM¬† I had crazy dreams but these are worse!
  • My sense of smell is… well… let’s just say my husband has to eat dinner in another room of the house if I don’t like the smell of whatever he is eating.
  • I have no appetite! Which speaking of…

I have¬†been losing weight (my doctor is not thrilled)… They threatened to insert a pic in my stomach and make me carry around a bag with fluids and medicine if I don’t start¬†gaining weight.¬†Seriously, I think it’s a bit overboard but hey… I’ll just eat another piece of that ice cream¬†cake¬†we had for my birthday! ūüôā

We should find out the gender of our baby in a month or so and¬†we’re excited! What do you think we’re having? ¬†




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