Big news!!

Family and friends, if you haven’t already found out… Leon and I have some exciting news to share!! 





That’s right! We’re very excited to welcome a new Perdue into the family in April! 

I have a few “belly” pics, of course I’m not showing but I thought I’d want a “before”… since I’ll never see my pre-pregnancy body again… ever… 

Here I am at 7 weeks…



And 9 weeks: 


I’m about 11 weeks along now and SO ready for the first trimester to be over. Morning sickness? Try ALL DAY SICKNESS! 

Fatigue? Try complete and utter exhaustion! 

However I have nothing to complain about because something truly amazing is happening inside me. 

It is so fascinating what our bodies are capable of. I mean, to think, I am growing a HUMAN BEING inside me… wow. What a crazy thought. 

I love being pregnant. Well… I’m beginning to love it. Once the constant nausea wears off I’ll love it a little more. 

But it’s an instant “Pick me up”. If I’m having a bad day all I have to do is put my hand on my belly and I’m reminded of the amazing, precious and beautiful thing that is happening inside me. I’m so lucky to be able to experience this. 

We got to hear to heartbeat last week at my doctor appointment. It was like music. The most angelic harmony to have ever met my ears. It was better than Bach. Better than Beethoven. Better than the most beautiful bird song in the world. It was my baby. 

The nurse told us she may not be able to find it. She warned us not to panic if we don’t hear it. Leon and I expected to not hear it. When she put the doppler up to my lower belly we heard static and I thought “I doubt I’ll even know what I’m hearing if she does find it!” Then out of no where…. it was so loud and strong. Leon even startled in his chair. I just fell in love! 

Enough excitement for now. Momma needs to rest! More later! Thanks for reading!! xox



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