Big news!!

Family and friends, if you haven’t already found out… Leon and I have some exciting news to share!! 





That’s right! We’re very excited to welcome a new Perdue into the family in April! 

I have a few “belly” pics, of course I’m not showing but I thought I’d want a “before”… since I’ll never see my pre-pregnancy body again… ever… 

Here I am at 7 weeks…



And 9 weeks: 


I’m about 11 weeks along now and SO ready for the first trimester to be over. Morning sickness? Try ALL DAY SICKNESS! 

Fatigue? Try complete and utter exhaustion! 

However I have nothing to complain about because something truly amazing is happening inside me. 

It is so fascinating what our bodies are capable of. I mean, to think, I am growing a HUMAN BEING inside me… wow. What a crazy thought. 

I love being pregnant. Well… I’m beginning to love it. Once the constant nausea wears off I’ll love it a little more. 

But it’s an instant “Pick me up”. If I’m having a bad day all I have to do is put my hand on my belly and I’m reminded of the amazing, precious and beautiful thing that is happening inside me. I’m so lucky to be able to experience this. 

We got to hear to heartbeat last week at my doctor appointment. It was like music. The most angelic harmony to have ever met my ears. It was better than Bach. Better than Beethoven. Better than the most beautiful bird song in the world. It was my baby. 

The nurse told us she may not be able to find it. She warned us not to panic if we don’t hear it. Leon and I expected to not hear it. When she put the doppler up to my lower belly we heard static and I thought “I doubt I’ll even know what I’m hearing if she does find it!” Then out of no where…. it was so loud and strong. Leon even startled in his chair. I just fell in love! 

Enough excitement for now. Momma needs to rest! More later! Thanks for reading!! xox



Our 1st Anniversary!

Leon and I celebrated our first anniversary on May 12, 2013. 


We went to Olive Garden for dinner and The Melting Pot for dessert. 🙂 

Here we are at the Olive Garden: 



The Melting pot dessert was to die for. We got all these yummy things to dip in decadent chocolate fondue.



The manager knew it was our anniversary and gave us a gift of chocolate covered strawberries!! How sweet!




Me at Melting Pot:



Leon at the Melting Pot: 











We got a private booth with curtains. It was very romantic. 











We had a great date and will have many more! 

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower for Kerin

My friend had a baby girl a few months ago and I hosted her baby shower. I made everything so I thought I’d share the craftiness with you all. 🙂  Kerin is obsessed with rubber duckies so I chose a Rubber Ducky theme… The colors were pink and yellow with a little bit of blue.  Part of her gift, I made her a wreath to hang in Emma’s room: I bought a foam wreath and wrapped it in yarn:  ImageImage Then I got a bunch of felt and made a ton of different shaped flowers:  ImageImageImage I hot glued them onto the wreath and bought pretty sparkly letters to spell out “Emma” and glued them on as well. The finished product:  Image For favors for the guests I made cake pops (oreo cookie and cream cheese of course!) Image I made homemade tags with a rubber ducky punch and wrote “thank you for coming!” and I tied them on to the cake pop:  Image  Image My supplies: Image I also made a cake! I found inspiration on Pinterest… I used pink food coloring to make the inside batter pink (since she was having a girl) and decorated the outside with frosting tinted with blue food coloring (water), marshmallows (bubbles) and rubber duckies. Check out this masterpiece. I was very proud since I don’t make cakes very often at all!  ImageImageImage The inside:  Image I made this adorable centerpiece with glass fish bowls, water and blue food coloring and a few rubber ducks.  ImageImage I made Ducky Punch… this was my favorite part of it all. It was delicious and adorable and I will use this punch recipe for every party from now until eternity. I got the idea from this site:

OMG I love it. 🙂 A few other details I pulled together: Pink paper straws in a mason jar with a duck tag and ribbon:



Pink and yellow plates, silverware and napkins: 




I found this blue sand bucket and scoop for ice!



Another shameless shot of the punch: 





The entry table:

I found this autograph duck for guests to sign and I got Kerin Thank you notes and envelopes for guests to write their addresses on. (Easier for Kerin to send thank you notes!) Of course I punched out about a hundred yellow ducks to sprinkle everywhere. 🙂




Our main game was Baby Jeopardy… I made the game board and found the fun facts online. We had 4 categories: In the Belly – trivia about babies and mommas before they are born. Giving Birth – fun and somewhat scary trivia about labor! hehe. I’m evil. Newborns  – trivia about brand new bebes. And Mommy – To – Be – random trivia about the mom of the hour – Kerin!! 




Guest’s favors- Delicious cake pops! 




It was fun to plan her shower-  there are so many things that go into planning a shower – I had no idea. But I was able to let my crafty side go wild and have a great time! 🙂 

Hope you enjoy the pics! 

Helping Mom and Dad!

My parents redid their bedroom and Leon and I helped with part of it. 

We painted the bathroom and bedroom a really pretty grey: 


Leon and dad took the lights out of the bathroom to make it easier to paint in there; 


They also took out the carpet and put in wood laminate floor. It looks amazing in there. I’m so happy for them. It was fun to be able to help them for once! 🙂 

I have to get an “after” picture from my mom and I’ll post it here. 🙂 


Kitchen Upgrades!

The first upgrade we made to the kitchen since my last post was a new stove. There was an … incident. 

One burner stopped working in the middle of making a roux for Mac N Cheese… Fast forward a few weeks to me cooking dinner. I had been complaining about the stove making weird electrical popping noises but Leon didn’t believe me. I had two things on the burner and and one in the oven when It Happened. 

The stove emitted a LOUD electrical popping noise and completely shut off. Mind you, I have an irrational fear of house fire… so I panicked. There was a lot of “I TOLD YOU SOMETHING WAS WRONG!” and “OKAY OKAY I BELIEVE YOU!” being tossed around. We determined that the breaker was tripped… Leon tried to plug the stove back in and it sparked something nasty. I cried. I begged and pleaded for him to never ever plug another stove in ever again! I promised to cook every meal for the rest of my life outside on the grill. 

I know… I’m a bit dramatic. 

But check out the back of our stove! 



You would cry to, if it happened to you! (A little bit of Leslie Gore for you – Now it’s stuck in your head. You’re welcome.)

So we were on the hunt for a decent priced stove. I had my fair share of demands… Under $600, black or stainless, flat top, self cleaning…. We went without a stove for a few weeks… bummed dinner off my parents. 

We were on a random Home Depot trip, looking for some plumbing thing-a-ma-jig … when I saw it. The lights shown down from above, angels sang and heavenly music rang through the air. They had just pulled a floor model off display and were selling it at over 50% off. It was everything I wanted… normally sold for $1200, but on clearance for $559 because it was a floor model. Uhm… Yes please! 

Meet my new stove: 



Yeah… she’s pretty! I’m thrilled. 

Moral of the story: They  have their discounted floor models in the back by plumbing!! 😀 

Our next exciting upgrade was planned. Remember by counter tops? Well I loved the look but they didn’t hold up as well as I had hoped. It was a little chip… Leon admitted to dropping something on it… and I could have fixed it without much effort. But we were finally able to afford granite. 

Here are a few pictures of the “demolition”: 


And the finished product: 


I love it!! I still have to install the back splash but that has to wait for a few weeks. I can’t decide what I want there anymore. The one I bought doesn’t look good with the granite so I have to take it back. 

Soooo… Whatcha think? 🙂


Wedding – revisited.

I found some really awesome pictures from our wedding festivities that I forgot to blog about. 

I’ll start there! 

Here is my mom – on the way to the bar for my Bachelorette party! She’s going to kill me when she sees this!!! 😉 



The girls getting pedicures! This was so fun!! 🙂 






Our sand ceremony frame: 




My Bridal Shower: 




Okay… that’s about it for wedding pictures. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed. 

Back from hibernation!

Hi friends and family! I’m back from my summer hibernation (blogging slacker). I wish I could say that I’ve been MIA for so long because I’ve been busy doing things around the house… but that would be a lie. I’ve been busy… reading, lounging, working and just living! 


That being said, I’m back… for a while at least. And I have a lot to catch you up on. 🙂 So sit back, buckle up, and prepare for a wild ride. 🙂 


Thanks for being a loyal reader!