Counter Tops – In progress

If you want to see the before and after pictures for the counter top project check out this post.


I am so happy with my kitchen now. I love the  way the counter tops turned out. They were surprisingly quick, relatively easy, and super affordable.  


The question I get asked most often is, “Weren’t you scared you would mess up?” My answer? “Uhm… you really can’t get ANY worse than pink.” 


Seriously. The primer was a huge improvement. Don’t believe me? You’ll see soon enough. 


Step one was to choose a granite sample that I wanted.


That part was pretty easy once the cabinets were done. We initially thought we wanted Baltic Brown which is shown below (with the tile back splash I have not yet installed)



Looks nice, right? But check out this one with the cabinets: 





I was sold as soon as I saw them next to each other. 


Then I just had to really pick apart the granite sample and determine what colors are in it. I went to Micheal’s and picked out about 8 different colors of craft paints. 





Now that the clear coat is on, I have some favorites. The silver shimmer REALLY pops and looks amazing. As does the dark grey. 


I got a water based Kilz primer and a water based polycrylic since my craft paint is water based. It’s a good idea to stick to one or the other (water or oil) for all of your coats, since water and oil don’t play well together. 😉 


I started by removing everything from the kitchen and scrubbing the counters down with Krud Kutter. (The same stuff I used for cleaning the cabinets- this stuff rocks for cutting through grease!) 





Then I taped off the walls and cabinets and covered the floors with old sheets. Because I chose water based products clean up was a breeze, but better safe than sorry! 


I was SHOCKED at how many coats of primer it took to cover the pink. I did 4 coats!! 






It was easier to paint around the sink without the faucet there so I enlisted Leon to remove the faucet…. It wasn’t easy…. and he wasn’t thrilled. But we are both happy to be done with that old faucet.  








Remember how I told you the primer was an improvement?? Now you see???  








Four coats of primer later…. 


Ahhhh… it’s soooo refreshing to be DONE with the pink. 


The next part was fun. I grabbed my craft paint, some paper towels and felt like Picasso. 




I found that the key to a granite- like consistency was to dab the counter with lots of paint on the paper towel (don’t be stingy) and to do lots of layers of the different colors to add depth. I found that I loved the silvery- metallic colors the most so I almost wish I had used them more. It’s hard to tell when you are doing it, because it looks different once the top coat is on. The top coat makes all your colors pop and look glossy. 









So, Leon has this obsession with black. He wants everything to be black. Black walls, black light switch covers.. I think he would have painted the counter tops black if I had given him a choice. After I was done with the counter tops, I went to replace the white outlet covers and he says. “Those would look cool black.” And for once, I agreed! 🙂 


So I grabbed my can of gloss black spray paint, (because who doesn’t have a can of black spray paint on hand at all times?!) and painted them black. I think he was right on this one. The black outlet covers complement the black in the counter top and I think it looks rockin’.





Ugh… my iPhone makes some of these pictures look yellow… I assure you…. they are not yellow! 



What do you think? 


2 thoughts on “Counter Tops – In progress

  1. Lisa says:

    You my dear, are quite crafty!! Looks wonderful!

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