Bathroom updates!

We have been dealing with having a gaping hole in our bathroom since we moved in. It drives me nuts because Chewie keeps jumping into the wall and we have to dig her out. 




The REASON we had a gaping hole in the wall is because we had the old tub removed… 

ImageAnd I wanted tile walls instead of fiberglass. 


So here we are….six months later…





Sigh. I know… I’m terribly lazy. I had grand plans to do this myself but then I got distracted with other projects and things and just couldn’t make myself buy the HardieBacker. So, we paid someone to come and prepare the walls for me. 😉 


So NOW we are here! 



We have walls!!!! WOOOHOOO! 


Having walls not only prevents Chewie from climbing into the walls, but it makes this bathroom remodel seem more manageable. My goal is to have it done before we leave for Aruba again in April. Since I really only do things like this on the weekends I think this is a reasonable time frame. I have some ideas… What do you think..


I bought my shower curtain (actually, I got two and am going to hang them both, on opposite sides, like window curtains). 



And we’ve decided on tile colors: 



The black is “Absolute Black” (it has little specs of shimmer in it) and is granite! It is beautiful. Imagine the black with the glass mosaic accents and white grout. 🙂 


I love the colors we’ve chosen because I can chose any pop of color and change it out whenever I get bored. I can decorate with red towels, candles and pictures and when I’m bored with that, I can choose blue or green or purple… and all of those colors will look amazing with black! 


Then, I’m going to use the cabinet transformations on the cabinets to give them a face lift. 



They will be the same color as the kitchen cabinets. We are also going to get new fixtures for the faucet and bath/shower head. 

This is our guest bathroom and will be an oasis for our guests when I am done with it. 

Going tomorrow to buy all my supplies. Can’t wait to get started! 


I’m thinking about taking down the huge mirror and replacing it with two framed mirrors but it’s literally glued to the wall. :-/ I’m not thrilled about that. Each time I’ve had contractors in here they say, “I will try not to break the mirror, but if I do, I’m not liable for it.” and I think to myself… “Break it, break it, break it.” Sigh. No luck. 




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