Library / Bedroom #1

Those of you who helped us move, you know how many books we have. 


We decided to set up bedroom #1 as a library. 


It started out packed full of boxes. 


I unpacked enough to get all of our boxes into one room, and I moved everything into bedroom #2. Then I enlisted Leon’s help in moving the bookshelves around. 


All of these boxes were books…. I had my hands full. 






We have a lot of books. And I’m anal about how they are shelved. I like them in order by genre and then alphabetical by author’s last name. Within each author they are organized chronologically. Did you know I was the Merchandising Supervisor at Borders in Chandler before they shut down? Might explain my “issues.” 










Making progress…





Library is finished! 










Yay! 🙂 It’s nice to have all but one room put together. 


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