DIY Fan update

We are obsessed with ceiling fans in this house. We would love one in every room. 

This house came with one in the living room, master bedroom and what we fondly refer to as “Bedroom # 3.” 

All of them were ugly.

I hate gold plated anything in the house. (We’ve replaced all of our gold door handles with nickel plated ones. We are working on the door hinges as well.)

We replaced the fan in the living room before we even moved in. 

The fan in the bedroom was white. I realize in the blogging world that white fans are all the rage right now. But I’m not a fan. I love Oil Rubbed Bronze fans. With dark blades. 

Like this one, which is now in our living room: 



We bought another identical fan for our bedroom to replace the ugly white one. 


Here is Leon installing it: 



(He is SUCH a handyman!) 

This is the fan he took down: 





It was so unremarkable I forgot to a take true “before” picture. It had white blades too. 


I’m a natural “thrifty” person so of course I didn’t want to throw away a perfectly good fan. 


So, I headed to the local Home Depot… 



(Hi again!) 

Ever since my amazing cabinet transformation I’ve become a die hard Rust-oleum fan. They seriously make a paint for everything. I picked a spray paint color for my fan blades (espresso in satin finish) and Oil Rubbed Bronze metallic spray paint for the base of the fan (the white metal part), and a box of gloves. 


I batted my eyelashes and begged my amazing hubby to take apart the fan. The more pieces it came into, the easier it would be and the less I’d have to tape off. 


Of course, he obliged. 



Step one, sand everything down. Fan blades and metal parts alike. Make sure you wipe off excess dust from sanding.




Step two: bag and tape off motor and electrical wires.



Step three: paint fan blades:



Step four: paint metal pieces





Our fan had gold screws which would have stood out like a sour thumb against my oil rubbed bronze fan so I shoved them into styrafoam and painted them. I didn’t want paint on the threads which is why they are in styrafoam. 



Look at how amazing this spray paint looks. It is really metallic. 










Then, I let it all dry for 24 hours and batted my eyelashes at previously mentioned amazing hubby to put it all back together again. 


End result: 






I LOVE it! What do you think? And it cost me less than $10! 




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