Moving on

Hello Friends and Family! We’ve been busy little bees so I thought you all deserved an update.

We listed the Maricopa House and after 11 days we got a cash offer. His offer had a COE date of December 26 which I wasn’t happy with so we countered with an earlier close date, he accepted and we moved forward. 

He had an inspection and requested that we fix some minor things such as:

reinstating the fire barrier in the garage walls (apparently having holes in the drywall between the garage and the house breaks some fire code.) We had a dart board on that wall. We’re not very good at darts. There were approximately 150 holes to be repaired. Sheesh. I don’t believe in drywall puttying without painting over it, so I went ahead and painted the whole garage too…


Secure a conduit to the wall. 


Replace the oven gasket on the oven door



Add a few screws to a vent and make the hole bigger where the water heater vents into the ceiling.




We had to replace the screens on the windows because they were all a little bent.

And we had to hire roofers to come inspect the roof and replace broken tiles. 


Well…. we agreed to do all of the repairs as you can see above in the pictures and we had a roofing company come out and replace broken tiles.

The day before we were all supposed to sign docs we got a call…

They did a re-inspection and told us that the roof wasn’t fixed properly. Something about the stretch pattern on the tiles? We told the roofers and they told us, in order to fix that “problem” we would need to re-roof the entire house. However the roofing company assured us that there is no problem with the roof, it is structurally sound, not leaking and only 8 years old. Re-roofing a tile roof in Arizona starts at $20,000.

We went back to the buyer and told them that we are NOT going to re-roof an 8 year old house. They spoke with the roofing company’s owner and agreed that the current roof is acceptable. 


We honestly all thought the whole sale would fall through. I figured the buyer wanted out and just told the inspector to find anything to get him out. But he surprised me and I’m very pleased. We signed papers and I got my check right on schedule. YAHOO!!!


It’s nice to only own one home instead of two! Cheers! 


(Champagne glasses are from our wedding and the champagne was smuggled home from Aruba!) 


Good bye, Maricopa. You were good to us. We met some amazing friends down there. 




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