Library / Bedroom #1

Those of you who helped us move, you know how many books we have. 


We decided to set up bedroom #1 as a library. 


It started out packed full of boxes. 


I unpacked enough to get all of our boxes into one room, and I moved everything into bedroom #2. Then I enlisted Leon’s help in moving the bookshelves around. 


All of these boxes were books…. I had my hands full. 






We have a lot of books. And I’m anal about how they are shelved. I like them in order by genre and then alphabetical by author’s last name. Within each author they are organized chronologically. Did you know I was the Merchandising Supervisor at Borders in Chandler before they shut down? Might explain my “issues.” 










Making progress…





Library is finished! 










Yay! 🙂 It’s nice to have all but one room put together. 


DIY Fan update

We are obsessed with ceiling fans in this house. We would love one in every room. 

This house came with one in the living room, master bedroom and what we fondly refer to as “Bedroom # 3.” 

All of them were ugly.

I hate gold plated anything in the house. (We’ve replaced all of our gold door handles with nickel plated ones. We are working on the door hinges as well.)

We replaced the fan in the living room before we even moved in. 

The fan in the bedroom was white. I realize in the blogging world that white fans are all the rage right now. But I’m not a fan. I love Oil Rubbed Bronze fans. With dark blades. 

Like this one, which is now in our living room: 



We bought another identical fan for our bedroom to replace the ugly white one. 


Here is Leon installing it: 



(He is SUCH a handyman!) 

This is the fan he took down: 





It was so unremarkable I forgot to a take true “before” picture. It had white blades too. 


I’m a natural “thrifty” person so of course I didn’t want to throw away a perfectly good fan. 


So, I headed to the local Home Depot… 



(Hi again!) 

Ever since my amazing cabinet transformation I’ve become a die hard Rust-oleum fan. They seriously make a paint for everything. I picked a spray paint color for my fan blades (espresso in satin finish) and Oil Rubbed Bronze metallic spray paint for the base of the fan (the white metal part), and a box of gloves. 


I batted my eyelashes and begged my amazing hubby to take apart the fan. The more pieces it came into, the easier it would be and the less I’d have to tape off. 


Of course, he obliged. 



Step one, sand everything down. Fan blades and metal parts alike. Make sure you wipe off excess dust from sanding.




Step two: bag and tape off motor and electrical wires.



Step three: paint fan blades:



Step four: paint metal pieces





Our fan had gold screws which would have stood out like a sour thumb against my oil rubbed bronze fan so I shoved them into styrafoam and painted them. I didn’t want paint on the threads which is why they are in styrafoam. 



Look at how amazing this spray paint looks. It is really metallic. 










Then, I let it all dry for 24 hours and batted my eyelashes at previously mentioned amazing hubby to put it all back together again. 


End result: 






I LOVE it! What do you think? And it cost me less than $10! 



Dreaming of a White Christmas

Winter is my favorite time of the year because I love the weather. I love snuggling up under a blanket, with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. We never turn on our heater. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever used a heater since I’ve lived on my own. I’d much rather snuggle up next to my hubby in sweats and warm socks. ❤ 


Leon’s okay with this. He’s kind of my personal heater & he rarely gets cold. 😉 


With winter comes Christmas, my favorite holiday. I love Christmas because it’s magical. The beautiful lights on people’s houses, lit up trees in windows, and Christmas music on the radio. It all makes me so happy.


Have you had the luck of falling into a home with wonderful neighbors? The kind of neighbors that have a key to your house, are invited to your wedding and are generally known as family?


I’ve lucked into that three times.

The first time was when we first moved to Arizona. We moved into an apartment complex where we met Jane and Jenna. Jane quickly became my mom’s best friend and Jenna quickly became mine. I remember climbing the tree in the apartment complex with Jenna and going trick -or -treating with them too. They are now a part of our family and we love them dearly. 


The second time was in my house in Maricopa, where I met Chanelle and Corey. They moved in the week I bought the house. We exchanged house keys within a month and were instant friends. We cooked dinner for each other and played hundred of games of ping pong. 


The third time was by proxy. See, the people I’m referring to aren’t really my neighbors, but my Aunt’s neighbors, Jack and Denise. They are literally a part of our family and I’m so happy they are in our lives. Every year they have a huge Christmas party. And it’s not Christmas time until the Conroy Christmas Party. 


The reason I bring this up is because it’s part of the holiday season for me. All of it. I love the time we spend with family, friends and those people who start off as friends but eventually become part of the family. 




I put up my Christmas Tree last weekend. Chewie helped. And by “helped” I mean got in my way. 

This was her: 



(pic from Purr-Fection Animal Rescue & Shelter)

Want to play “Where’s Waldo?” Our version is “Where’s Chewie” 










And one last picture: 





She got herself so tangled in lights that it took Leon and myself to get her out. 


No ornaments for me this year! And we are taking bets on how long it takes before the tree is on its’ side. Anyone want in? 



Mom and I did our annual Christmas light escapade. We are constantly looking for someplace like Lehnartz Ave, but nothing comes close.

For those who don’t know, Lehnartz Avenue is a magical place in Illinois with the most amazing light setup on the planet. Every year around this time we would get hot chocolate and go to Lehnartz Ave when we living in Aurora.

We do like this one place off of Guadalupe and Country Club. They usually have nice lights but this year, it was raining so they didn’t have them all on. 





Then we got our pictures taken with Santa….








And then, inspired by something that happened to our dear friend Jane, we decided to do a random act of kindness. 

Before you roll your eyes and call us cheesy, hear me out. One of my favorite movies of all time is Pay it Forward. It’s this movie about a little boy who has an amazing dream. If he does a random act of kindness for three strangers, and each of them do another random act of kindness for three more strangers and so on we can touch millions of lives! 


Just a few weeks ago, Jane shared with us that she was the lucky recipient of a random act of kindness. She was at Starbucks, in the drive-thru. When she got to the window, the barista told her that the car in front of her paid for her drink. Confused, she asked why. The barista responded that it was a “random act of kindness.” It made Jane’s day. 


Mom and I were both touched by that act. Someone made our friend smile. It didn’t cost them much, just a little forethought and selflessness. Shortly after, she paid it forward. 


Mom and I wanted to have a similar impact on someone’s day. We went to Starbucks, and pulled into the drive-thru. At first there was no one behind us so we stalled a few minutes, deciding what to order. 😉 Then someone pulled up behind us. We were literally giddy with excitement. We pulled forward, and told the barista we wanted to pay for the person behind us’ order. He smiled and said, “okay ladies.” We told him, when they get to the window, just tell them it’s a random act of kindness and to have a wonderful day. 


We drove away  giggling like children, with our hearts warmed. Yes, it’s only a $7 cup of coffee… yes we could do so much more for others… but this was a small way for us to “pay is forward” for our friend and to also make someone else smile. 


Isn’t THAT what this season is about? It’s not about how much money you have or how many gifts are under your tree. For Leon and I, it’s not about religion either. 


It’s about being with people you love. Making a difference for someone. And enjoying life. 


Do me a favor. This week, do a random act of kindness for a stranger. It doesn’t have to be at a coffee shop and it doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money. Be creative. Think of something special. It will make their day and yours’ too. I guarantee it. 


Much love and a happy holiday to all. 



Moving on

Hello Friends and Family! We’ve been busy little bees so I thought you all deserved an update.

We listed the Maricopa House and after 11 days we got a cash offer. His offer had a COE date of December 26 which I wasn’t happy with so we countered with an earlier close date, he accepted and we moved forward. 

He had an inspection and requested that we fix some minor things such as:

reinstating the fire barrier in the garage walls (apparently having holes in the drywall between the garage and the house breaks some fire code.) We had a dart board on that wall. We’re not very good at darts. There were approximately 150 holes to be repaired. Sheesh. I don’t believe in drywall puttying without painting over it, so I went ahead and painted the whole garage too…


Secure a conduit to the wall. 


Replace the oven gasket on the oven door



Add a few screws to a vent and make the hole bigger where the water heater vents into the ceiling.




We had to replace the screens on the windows because they were all a little bent.

And we had to hire roofers to come inspect the roof and replace broken tiles. 


Well…. we agreed to do all of the repairs as you can see above in the pictures and we had a roofing company come out and replace broken tiles.

The day before we were all supposed to sign docs we got a call…

They did a re-inspection and told us that the roof wasn’t fixed properly. Something about the stretch pattern on the tiles? We told the roofers and they told us, in order to fix that “problem” we would need to re-roof the entire house. However the roofing company assured us that there is no problem with the roof, it is structurally sound, not leaking and only 8 years old. Re-roofing a tile roof in Arizona starts at $20,000.

We went back to the buyer and told them that we are NOT going to re-roof an 8 year old house. They spoke with the roofing company’s owner and agreed that the current roof is acceptable. 


We honestly all thought the whole sale would fall through. I figured the buyer wanted out and just told the inspector to find anything to get him out. But he surprised me and I’m very pleased. We signed papers and I got my check right on schedule. YAHOO!!!


It’s nice to only own one home instead of two! Cheers! 


(Champagne glasses are from our wedding and the champagne was smuggled home from Aruba!) 


Good bye, Maricopa. You were good to us. We met some amazing friends down there.