Moving Day & Some Kitchen work…

We had tons of help on moving day. We are so lucky to have such amazing friends and family! 


Thank you SO much to mom and dad, Jack and Denise, Jane, Aunt Chris and Uncle John & Aunt Lisa and Henry!!








Jack helped Leon install the washer and dryer which was awesome because apparently that was more than we bargained for. I guess someone fused the thing-a-ma-jig to the thing-a-ma-bopper so they had to replace the whole valve connection. 


We also trashed the dishwasher that came with the house because the trays were totally rusted out. We got a new one from the Sears outlet store for a killer deal and it’s all black. (The one that came with the house was white and black). Leon installed that last weekend. 


A major pain in the butt was the over the range microwave… 


The one that came with the house had a broken handle. We tried to glue it with liquid nails but it didn’t work so we got a new one at …. Home Depot!


Uncle John and Leon started to install it when they realized it was used! The door had something dried to the inside and the mounting bracket was all messed up… So we took it back down and returned it.



We pretty much live here: 



Round two… the next week. 



“Uhm… babe I don’t think that gap looks right…” 




Round Three: 


“We’re baaaaackk!” 



Apparently the fancy template that comes with the microwave isn’t as accurate as it should be… and because we already had the bracket up we lost the butterfly anchor things behind the wall. At this point there are at least 15 holes in the wall from drilling and 10 of those wall anchors behind the wall…. back to home depot to buy more anchors! 


Third times a charm! 




So now I have a washer, dryer, dishwasher AND microwave! I’m genuinely excited. It’s funny because I was actually getting used to not having a microwave and dishwasher since those things were lower on our priority list. So having them now is like a huge luxury. 


So my poor hubby’s “honey do-list” just keeps growing… My fridge doors opened towards the hallway instead of the kitchen and it drove me NUTS. If you look carefully in this picture you will see that the hinges are on the right and the handles are on the left. (You can’t actually see the handles of the fridge in this picture but its the only one I have that I can use to describe it) Meaning… to open the fridge you have to go to the hallway… then once the door was open I had to get what I needed, close the door and then walk into the kitchen. 






Those of you who cook often can appreciate that THAT got old REAL quick. So I asked Leon to switch the door… 







All done! 😀 He is the best… isn’t he? 





So… now that my kitchen is in working order you’ll understand why I’m so excited to cook!! 😉 (See my post about dinner) 


Thanks again for reading!! 


Stay tuned!! More to come! 


2 thoughts on “Moving Day & Some Kitchen work…

  1. you are right! Those cabinets look great, and the door of the fridge being backwards would drive me nuts too! The house looks awesome and I cracked up when I saw the pics of home depot for everytime you went back!

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