Now that all the major demo work is done we are enjoying living in our new house. There are still things to do… 


  • kitchen counter tops (still debating if we can afford granite or if I will be painting them) 
  • kitchen backslash  (have to wait till be decide on the granite)
  • guest bathroom shower walls
  • floor transition pieces
  • irrigation system
  • citrus tree care & maintenance (we are learning how to care for citrus in AZ. Any suggestions, advice or knowledge would be much appreciated) 
  • Install ceiling fans in bedrooms 
  • replace all light fixtures (what were these people THINKING with all the 80’s-style gold fixtures?!?) 
  • Finish replacing door hinges and door knobs
  • window treatments


I think I may have forgotten to mention the whole guest bathroom shower thing… 


Here’s the deal… The tub that was in the guest bathroom had a huge crack in it when we got the house. We knew about it because of the inspection. It also had doors. I hate doors on the tub. It makes you feel so closed in while you shower and I think it’s ugly… 



Here it is without the doors…




And the lovely crack … HOW do you crack a fiberglass tub? Beats me. But we wanted it replaced because we had no idea how much water was getting down there and what kind of damage that water could do. 



After Karen taught me how to tile the floors she mentioned that she had tiled her shower walls… that got me thinking. If we’re going to replace the tub… why not just get a tub (no fiberglass walls) and I’ll tile the walls! 


So we called our plumber and he removed the old tub/shower and installed a new tub.. 




Now, I plan to put up green board which is mold/water resistant and tiling the walls!


I still need to look at designs and figure out what I want to do but I have a few ideas.. 


I like the idea of choosing one main color/larger tile and doing an accent of mosaic tiles in a line around eye level…  maybe a mosaic like this: 



Or this is pretty: 


I need to pick a color scheme first… 


Anyway… Obviously still some work to do but we can do it at our leisure which is nice. 



We aren’t all work and no play… we have plenty of time to enjoy our new place too: 

Leon is taking advantage of having the bedroom TV temporarily sitting in the living room… he has his video games set up on the big TV and the football game on the other TV: 





The cats are making themselves at home.. Chewie found the plant shelves… 











She got up on all of those all on her own. 


Snowball likes the bathroom sink 



And the bed…






She is also a big fan of the white chair in the front room: (See the black and white ball of fur on the chair?)



Well folks.. I think you’re about caught up now! If I’ve forgotten about something let me know and I’ll get right on it. I promise I’ll be better about blogging regularly from now on.. and THANK YOU so much for reading! It makes me so happy to have so many people interested!







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