I am a total slacker…

Thank you all so much for diligently reading my blog. I honestly had no idea how many people were interested until I slacked on the postings and my inbox became flooded! 🙂 Okay, maybe not FLOODED, per say… but I definitely had to answer to more that a couple of people.

So… THANK YOU! It makes me feel so wonderful that you all are so interested in the goings-on of our happy little abode. I will fill you in the what you’ve missed one post at a time. But, first I have to show off what I made for dinner tonight.

My favorite part about the Thanksgiving feast (other than spending time with loved ones of course) is leftovers! But I eagerly hoard the turkey leftovers NOT for turkey sandwiches .. but for Turkey Pot Pie! Something about the smell of a homemade- from scratch Pot Pie baking in the oven warms my heart. Plus.. it’s a sneaky way to make Leon eat veggies! 😉

First you throw all your veggies in a pan with some water and cook them till they are tender. I hate crunchy veggies in my potpie so this takes a while since I use mostly frozen veggies. Generally I just look through my frozen veggie stash and throw in what we have. Tonight I chose carrots, peas, corn, green beans and fresh celery. The pan on the left is the butter and onion flakes melting.


I haven’t mentioned my new stove… flat top! I know, I’ve heard good and bad things about them but I LOVE it. It’s SUPER easy for clean up and when it’s not in use it’s added counter space! ❤

Any way… while your veggies are cooking I start laying out my pie crusts (I cheat and use premade), shred my turkey and I prep my “gravy” mixture for the inside. Flour, salt, Italian seasoning, onion powder and celery seed…

Drain your veggies and set them aside.


You mix in the flour/seasoning mixture with the melted butter and onion flakes and then slowly whisk in milk and chicken broth till it’s nice and thickened and creamy.

Mix in the turkey and veggies and split the mixture into two pie pans… bottom pie crust already in place. (Don’t forget to spray the pans with PAM or you will regret it!)

Take your other 2 pie crusts and place them on top of your mixture, pinch the edges adn make little cuts in the top so it can breathe.

BELOW: The pie on the left already has it’s top layer of pie crust on it.


Then bake!


Let rest and enjoy.

So.. now that I’ve made your mouth water, have I earned your forgiveness for not posting? If you want the actual recipe with measurements let me know..  🙂

I’m going to go eat my dinner, pour myself some wine and I’ll be back in half an hour to post again! STAY TUNED!



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