A Work in Progress

Our next door neighbor at the new house came over while we were working at the house so we got to meet him. He was super nice but unfortunately doesn’t live in the house anymore. He is considering selling it and he’s going to be asking about $15,000 more than what we bought ours for. His house is the exact same model and is a traditional sale (whereas we bought the house on short sale). This is SUPER news for us because that means we just made about $15,000 on our house! 


Leon and I are best bud’s with the Home Depot folks. We’re considering buying stock in the company since we were there six times this weekend. Yes… six. I counted. 


Yesterday we bought a new back door to replace the one currently in the house. This is the old one… 



(We don’t have a dog!) This is the new one: 



I’ll take a picture once it’s installed this weekend. 


We also got a security door for the back door because I am a paranoid nutcase er… I mean concerned wife. Honestly, without the sliding back doors the only way we can have a nice breeze through the house in the winter is to get a back security door so we can open the door and keep the kitties contained. 


We also picked out a new dishwasher because the one in the house now is all rusted out on the inside. (YUCK!) 


Here is the Before and After Shots of the painting… I’ll take better ones this weekend. 

Dining/ Living Room BEFORE: 




Dining/ Living Room AFTER: 


Family Room BEFORE: 





I love the new color. The walls are a light grey and the trim is bright white. It’s a subtle difference but it looks very sharp. 


Leon was hard at work yesterday with the chainsaw. 


Come to think of it… he got to play with two power tools this weekend… the jackhammer and the chainsaw. I kept hearing Tim-the-Tool-Man-Taylor grunts coming from his general area. 




He took down two trees in the back yard! See below: 

Grill Area- BEFORE: 



Grill Area – AFTER: 



Check out all that beautiful brick work that was completely hidden behind that bee-filled overgrown tree!


The water fountain behind the grill now looks amazing as well…





Okay… AMAZING might not be the right word yet… but once I skim it, shock it and wash the rocks it will really shine! This is going to be my baby. ❤ Now that it’s not hidden behind the overgrown tree it looks really nice. 


Leon also cut down the two trees on the side of the house: 





The trees were not green when we got the house…. So they came down! (Besides who wants to walk through a jungle?)





What a huge difference this makes. I’m pretty sure the back patio has doubled in size. 


I’m a fan of minimal trees/bushes because I think the cleaner look is more modern and fresh. Also, I don’t like to do a ton of yard work. I want to get rid of the plants next to the fountain as well because I think that fountain is so pretty it shouldn’t be hidden. Maybe I can plant some pretty colorful flowers there to add some color and fragrance to the backyard. Any suggestions for flowers that flourish in AZ soil? 


This week we are staying at the old house, packing and getting ready on this end. Friday the in-laws are coming into town to help us with the new house as well. It’s going to be nice to have the extra help. We are really hoping to get the floor done this weekend. 


Oh – I saw this online and Leon insisted I use it in the blog anytime I talk about something I found on Pinterest. So if you see this picture, you’ll know my brilliance was inspired by Pinterest. 😀 





Until next time, fellow Pinterest junkies…. 




One thought on “A Work in Progress

  1. Mom says:

    It is looking great!!! When we get all done you will sit back and laugh about all you went through this week…. But it will be all worth it to have your beautiful home…..I know you two will be so happy there.

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