More Demolition

My last post was a little picture heavy so I wanted to do another to include some more awesome “in progress” demolition shots…

Leon had to try a few things to get the tiles out… First he thought about using a floor scraper. Then someone suggested a hammer and chisel. After he got no where with those attempts he just started hammering the tile into a million pieces. It worked… I guess… but it took him three hours to do 1 row.


So, then someone else suggested we rent a small jack hammer which ended up doing the trick.


My aunt even joined in the fun!


My mom kicked tile butt here…


Check out the Kitchen mid- demo…


The carpet was absolutely disgusting… I think a dog used it as a fire hydrant regularly. I was happy to be rid of it.


Before, the family room was carpet (really badly stained), the dining room and walkway to this door you see here and kitchen were tile and the spot to the left here, in front of the alcove had carpet. It was very oddly divided. With all of it ripped out I think it already looks really big. This space is going to look amazing  with the wood laminate throughout.


That’s it for now… Painters are at the house right now so I will post pictures when they are done!


2 thoughts on “More Demolition

  1. Lisa says:

    Holy moly!! I am veeery impressed! We busted out tile also, so I know what kind of effort it takes! LOOKING GREAT!!!

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