Getting our Keys!

Friday we met our Realtor at the house at 5pm and got our keys! 




And the fun begins…. 




Except… the fun didn’t quite begin right away. Because, right away I went to turn on the air conditioner. 

Our Home Inspection revealed that the a/c unit was original to the home, meaning it’s about 18 years old. We knew that going into the sale, but at the inspection the air was blowing at a chilly 72 just fine, so we expected to get a bit more life out of it. 

I turned the a/c on at the wall, and bumped it down a few degrees. We went to work and after about 10 minutes realized the air wasn’t blowing. Leon went to check the breaker and it was tripped. So, he tried to reset it. It immediately tripped again. At that point, my dad showed up, and they also tried to pull out the fuse at the disconnect, and replace it. Still, no A/C. 


Leon and Dad ran to Home Depot and bought new fuses for the disconnect, and a new circuit breaker and replaced both. They tried again to reset the breaker. It stayed on this time, so we ran out back to see if the  A/C would turn on. 

The fan started turning and we started cheering.



Then we heard a loud bang, saw a spark in the unit, smoke started pouring out of it, a loud hissing noise and the smell of Freon escaping and a motor burning out. The Suction Line Accumulator rusted out and blew up, contaminating the entire unit. The smell was awful. The loud whine and smell of the Freon escaping lasted for over an hour. 


Did I mention that this all happened within two hours of getting our keys?!? 


The joys of home ownership…. We get to buy a whole new A/C unit the day we get our new house. 

On the plus side, it’s only 94 degree out this weekend, so we can still work in there…. 


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